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I have a passion for products, their design, and the engineering behind the scenes that makes it possible. The type of product matters little, whether it is an app, phone, computer, Internet of Things device, table, chair, coffee pot, backpack, or pen. What matters is the thought put into the creation from inception and purpose through to performance as a part of daily life. Dieter Rams & his Ten Principles of Good Design are the corner stone of this thought, but the importance of each principle varies throughout the products life.
Focus on Aesthetics: Fashion, Architecture, & Automobiles
From the consumers perspective, initially there is the coveting nature of products conveyed through the Money Shot: a distillation of aesthetic obsessions that lead to a design. This is when the product is so beautiful nothing else matters. It’s NYC Fashion Week and the Frankfurt Auto Show. It’s DBOX’s renderings of 432 Park Avenue. It’s dreams and aspirations and lust leading us to see ourselves in beautiful creations. It’s marketing and PR and designers working with photographers to reach for perfection so when it’s unveiled everyone knows that they want it–maybe even need it. And it is our identity as we project our knowledge and preferences through our purchases.
Hand Shake: First Impressions/Usability
Touching the product and gaining understanding that cannot be conveyed through imagery. Unguided use unleashes curiosity and imagination to explore and test the design.
Daily Grind: Durability & Power-Userability

Principle 4: Good Design Makes a Product Understandable
-Dieter Rams



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