Cape Kidnappers, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Today I rode out to Cape Kidnappers, a point about 20 miles south of Napier, New Zealand. I didn’t quite make the point as you can see in the map of my ride. The tide was rising and I would have had to sneak between waves to make it around to the next bit of beach and thought it probably wasn’t worth it. There were tide charts posted, but their most recent month May, which didn’t do me much good. I waved over one of the dirt bikers as they were passing me to see what the tide was doing and discovered that low tide occured a hour ago, so I had one more hour before the tide would hinder my retreat. I made my way off the beach at 1:55. On my return home I stopped at a lovely cafe that had views of the ocean and nice outdoor seating in the sun. The weather was perfect, it had been a little cloudy on my ride out, but cleared up for lunch and my ride home.

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