How To Gain NJ EMT Reciprocity

I’ve been trying to become a New Jersey EMT-B for a little while now. NJ makes it very difficult to figure out what to do, so the following should be of some help to anyone searching.


The following is a short outline of this form (.pdf), which I had a terrible time finding, but is your key to success:


1) Go to and create an account


2) They will tell you to download a reciprocity application, which will be your version of this (.png), fill out the top half, and then mail it to the state in which you are an EMT-B and they will quickly fill out the bottom half.  Include a self addressed envelope.  When you receive said envelope back in the mail, keep it sealed and start a bundle of documents.


3) Add copies of you EMT card, NREMT card, and CPR card to the bundle and mail it to the NJ Department of Health.


4) Take the 24 hour Core 13 Refresher Course with a group of EMT’s who are approaching their 3 year mark. This includes refresher lectures, all the practicals, and a 50 question exam. ($120 from Capitol Health in Trenton)


4) After 15 days of successfully completing the Core 13 class, you are eligible to take the NJ exam.


5) Complete the exam, and all above, and you should be a NJ EMT!


I somehow took the Core 13, but didn’t see that I needed to get a letter from all the states (and national registry) in which I am an EMT.  Seeing that I became a Colorado EMT during this process, I think I’ll leave them out of it.  Unfortunately this means I’ll be dealing with NYS again, who took three months to verify with the national registry that I took and passed their EMT course including practical (talk about frustrating).


Just for reference: to become a Colorado EMT you just need to fill out one easy to find form and get finger printed at your local police station. Then write a check for $40 attach it to your fingerprints and mail to the CBI. Take your EMT form and mail it to their EMT office and in about a month you’ll be a CO EMT. They have their act together out there.

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