Theming WordPress

Comments on designing the theme, with ideas to be implemented in the future.

This is proving to be just as difficult as I had imagined.  I’m still having trouble with my sticky footer as well, but that should be working soon, I just must be missing something or have some kind of typo.  After removing one margin-top pixel from the “Jon R Wilson’s” and from the navigation is lines up perfectly with the rest of the site (photo, design…).  I’m still unsure of the design for the blog, whether or not 3/4 spacing is the way to go.  The content currently has the vertical border attached to the right side, but there aren’t enough posts to draw it down past the sidebar links.  Hopefully after I’ve made some post’s the content will be long enough and make it look correct. I also need to change the search button, probably to just text that will hover blue.  I’d also like to move the “Search for:” text to inside the white space, to clean it up a bit.

A discouraging realization is the fact that the formatting is completely ruined if any of the side bar links are clicked on, which means that I’m going to have to create more div’s in other .php files to set them in line.

I also think that I’m going to remove the “Pages” link from the sidebar, but keep the about page as a link from the footer, after I change “contact” from a mailto: link to “about.”  This is due to feedback I received from Garrett Helm, who along with many others doesn’t like “mailto:” links since on windows computers they tend to launch outlook, which isn’t useful for those with browser based email clients.

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